Nicklaus Clubhouse at Reunion Resort & Golf Club

While constructing this 3-story, multi-function facility, JK2 surmounted numerous hurdles. When the team hit a snag following the architect’s plans for tall arches using standard concrete masonry units, we were able to simply  snap a picture of the issue and get it back to the designer for a quick review to troubleshoot the issue. “The arches needed to be poured with cast-in-place concrete instead of the concrete block,” said Project Manager, Tucker Holmes. “The superintendent was able to take a picture of the condition, and then mark up the plans digitally to show what needed to be changed and submit it back to the engineer and architect.” With a little more back and forth through the Procore app, the team was able to come up with an alternative solution on-site and get it signed off by the structural engineer and architect within two and a half hours. The same issue, using manual methods, could have stopped progress for days. “Instead, we were able to keep the concrete blocks going and keep everything moving for the concrete pour to be on schedule too,” Tucker said. Using the team-approach method of Lean Construction, JK2 held weekly group meetings with the subs, architect, engineer, and owner. “It was repetition, repetition, repetition,” Tucker said. “We’d discuss issues and work through them to get them resolved and avoid them dragging into the next week.” The result? The team trimmed three months off the original schedule, and the owner was able to open the clubhouse early, just in time for the start of golf season.